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 Yogatorial by Midge Kinder

In Defense of Simply Being

Before shortening the name for our school-based mindful awareness health and wellness program Wellness Works in Schools™, we titled the program Wellness Works: Being and Doing Our Healthy Best™ purposeful emphasizing on being and doing.

We found many were unaware of its deeper meaning and potential. For this and other reasons, we change the name.

Our contemporary world emphasizes doing with an unrealistic emphasis on doing it all faster and faster. This perspective can take us further away from being.

Dr. Joan Borysenko describes our culture as "addicted to speed, achievement, consumption and adrenalin."

The price of perpetual doing takes a toll on one's physical and mental health. Excessive doing moves us out of balance and away from health. Creating opportunities for being can help restore a healthier mindbody balance.

Where and what is...a state of being?
How do we get there or create it?
How do we know when we're in it?

Being and doing always co-exist; therefore, being is always available to us. It may help to conceive of being as inward, doing as outward.

Author, psychologist, Stephan Bodian, describes being as the stillness underlying all activity.

Being has also been described as the space between two thoughts, the rest between two notes...subtle perhaps, but always available.

To create such space, we allow ourselves to open to the present moment – just the way it is.

We purposely slow down and deepen our awareness within our body, our senses, and our reality. We become more present to the movement of life within the moment.

Meditation teacher, Pat Enkyo O'Hara, uses the word, illapse, to describe slipping in and permeating the present moment.

Meditation is the practice of illapsing into the present moment, in order to strengthen that quality of being within our doing. It takes personal discipline to incorporate being into more moments of our lives.

A quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn
     "We are starving for authentic experience. The path to authentic connectivity (being) is the path that leads to nowhere but is right here- right now."