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 Yogatorial by Midge Kinder

Reflections on ATTUNEMENT

I'm fascinated with this word, attunement.

Attunement is being frequently used in contemporary scientific circles investigating mindfulness and its relationship to mindbody health.

When I looked it up, attune, got short shrift in my old, duct-taped version of Webster's dictionary. It provided only one definition, "to be in harmony".

Words and their interpretations, however, evolve, reflect the times and take on enhanced meanings.

UCLA psychiatrist, Daniel Siegel, in his book, The Mindful Brain, invites us into what he calls the "heart of our lives" through attunement.

He defines attunement as sensing things as they are with awareness. In the realm of mindfulness or mindful awareness, the word, attune, means to be aware, to connect, to be mindful.

According to Siegel and the Mindful Awareness Research Center there are two forms of attunement:

  • Intrapersonal - attunement within ourselves
  • Interpersonal - attunement to others

To be attuned within ourselves fosters our capacity to be attuned to others and ultimately improve our relationships.

For the health and wellness of ourselves and others we must first be able to attune or attend to the reality within ourselves.